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Bernard Marx- a Alpha Plus; he does not fit in with others of his type due to his strange beliefs of love, relationships, and community events and sports; changes from antagonist of the first part to the protagonist of the latter;

D.H.C.- Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning for London; Thomas Tomakin; the father of John the Savage; a power hungry man that enjoys displaying his authority and wants to gain rewards from his job and status

Hemholtz Watson- a Alpha Plus; he is very intelligent and is friends with Bernard; he is a outsider due to his inquisitive nature; he loves Shakespeare along with John which defies all of societyís laws; sent to live on the island with the others;

Lenina Crowne- a beautiful Beta (probably Beta Plus); liked by Bernard and sees his unique thinking as blasphemous to the world state; falls in love with John the Savage but is forced apart due to his love of solitude; witnesses Johnís death

John the Savage- son of Linda and Thomas; raised in New Mexico; brought into society in London and is made famous from his savage, estranged ways; the antagonist of the second part of the book that wishes to remove himself from the new utopian society in order to remain individualized and reclusive; kills himself in an effort to remove himself from society

Linda- a English woman that fell pregnant to John the Savage from Thomas; woman that went missing on a trip to the savage land in New Mexico; she is fat, old and is disliked and shunned by society upon her return; she desperately wants to return to her former life, but she has greatly changed and had to suffer many things